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New Version V2.10

PS360+ PCB Xbox (orignal), Xbox 360, PS 3, PSX, Dreamcast and PC All in 1 Controller 

Xbox 360, PS3 (with PS2 BC), PSX and PC support, smart-detection for all supported systems. 

USB Bootloader for firmware updates. OSS (Open Source Software) for best possible community support (upgradable through USB). 

Headset jack for Xbox LIVE. 2.5mm audio jack and JST connector to choose from, JST connector compatible with SE and TE headset cables).

Optional Headset Detection disable solder jumper for headset jack extension cable use. Player LEDs for Xbox 360 and PS3 (on-board and external, cable NOT included).

Optional on-board LED disable solder jumper. USB "B" and RJ-45 jack with optional use of JST connectors (JST-cables NOT included). 

USB jack is for standard output (Xbox 360/PS3/PC), RJ-45 may be used for all supported systems (Xbox 360/PS3/PC/PSX). 

Further information available in PDF:

Hardware Overview Update Jan 11 / 2013

Software Overview Update Jan 11/ 2013

Firmware Update Guide Update Jan 11 / 2013

Firmware Official Version 1.3 Update Jan 11 /2013


Email review from Mike:


"The PS360+ is a fantastic way to provide multi console support to an existing or custom built arcade stick. I recently purchase a PS360+ PCB for my first attempt at creating a custom arcade stick. In a single evening I was able to completely wire up my custom arcade stick to the PS360+ using only a wire crimper and a small screwdriver. The PCB’s auto detect means I can just plug and play between my PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 without the need to hold buttons or change configuration, and the start + select home/guide shortcut allowed me to make a stick without an additional out of place arcade button (although the board also supports this for those modifying an existing stick or wanting the guide button). The resulting arcade stick is extremely responsive and will be well used and loved. I highly recommend this PCB for anyone interested in dual modding their arcade stick, but doesn’t know where to start."




Product Reviews

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Reviewed by KellyNUTS
31/07/2012 - 03:33:41 PM
The only choice!
My PS360+ is installed into a Madcatz X360 TE Joystick, although the PS360+ PCB replaces the X360 PCB entirely, adding PS3 & PC support at the same.

My first target was my standard Xbox 360, plugging it in and slamming away tirelessly for around 30 of the the last 48 hours. Plugging the stick into
a sleeping X360 it still is capable of turning on the system. My game of choice was SSF4, as I wanted to test if it had any lag.
Im extremely happy to say its identical to the standard TE, no input delay whatsoever, not a single frame.
Testing it with 1-frame links, to my amazement I had a slightly higher success rate than I did with my standard TE!
Another good thing with the X360 is you can still retain the standard headset, which works a treat.

I thought id quickly test it out with my PC next, I dont actually have any games on my PC, its so old and krusty and I prefer console FBA as an emu.
I thought it would be good though to see how easy it would be to setup in Windows, as im a total n00b. Running Win 7 64bit I plugged it into the USB port.
DING! Device found. DING! Device driver successfully installed. All before I could even sit down from sticking the USB in the rear port!!
In Control Panel's Devices section it recognizes the PS360+ USB as working fine and even allows an input test, obviously all inputs passed the test.
It even seemed to have more buttons than what my actual joystick has, so thats an added bonus I suppose?
TBH I wasnt looking forward to this part because I thought id be stuffing around installing drivers and what not, but it was as smooth as could be. I was very impressed!
Plus I thought having a 64bit platform wouldnt help either. Glad I was wrong.

Next up, I had to throw it in my JTAG X360 and give it a good hiding with the FBA Next emulator.
Running all types of arcade systems CPS1-2-3, NeoGeo, Psyiko, Konami, etc... it didnt skip a beat in the 5 or so hours I stuck into it!
I will be grabbing another 2 of these and doing an X360 cabinet project in the future, its why I got my JTAG, now I have the perfect controls for it!

Last but not least, the PS3. Thought id switch it up for this one and play some KOF XIII. Once again, as with the other platforms it worked perfectly.
The only problem is it wont power on the PS3. Also seemed to give me less troubles accessing the HOME menu while ingame than another well known multi controller PCB.
With both consoles I was a little worried, as their dashboards may have required a left analogue input to control,
but the PS360+ navigates both X360 & PS3 dashboards no problem.

Im going to be giving the PS360+ a 9/10

It loses .5 points because it didnt power on the PS3, yes I know thats extremely fussy of me.
It also loses another .5 points because they could have simply made the installation into a Madcatz TE stick easier by using the madcatz connectors instead of their own. I suppose its still simple splicing and stripping wires.

Im being mega critical here though and I suppose if your using this to build your own MAME cab or a standalone joystick then its a definite 10/10. There is no other choice. Simple!

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