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Customer Projects

Customer submitted projects

Need some inspiration for your project, check out some of the projects undertaken by our customers.
Want yours displayed? Email it through and will post it up.

One happy player. Thanks Alberto.

"Hi Jason, here are some pics of the arcade machine we built using your
electronics, feel free to use us as a recommendation to other clients as we
are very happy with your product. We built the cabinet from scratch using
some photos as reference, it has a dell monitor in it which we purchased at
a swap meet for 25 dollars  so there are some bargains out there for people
who are on a budget and wanting one of these machines without getting a
second mortgage. Thanks for your help, we may be in touch soon as a table
top machine may be another project very soon."

Top result, Ian.

"Thanks for all your assistance in the installation of this kit. The games are absolutely perfect and I am having a serious memory regression happening with regards to how the gams play. I'm thinking of taking up smoking again (god how I miss that past time) just so that I can have the cigarette stains on the glass top of my cocktail cabinet - just as I remember from the late 70's early 80's.  Now when I have meetings with clients in my conference room, all my clients want to do is play the cocktail game I built. I have a number of other clients now rescheduling meeting to have in my town at my office because I have this machine. My son has stopped playing those 3D kill them to death games and prefers the cocktail games such as Galaga & Gyrus.
 I have attached some pictures of the cocktail cabinet my son & I built from scratch. Hope to build some more with (your help of course) in the future. Your a legend and you should be bottled Cheers mate"

Great lookng cabinet with the brushed aluminium control panel. Thanks Jason.

Fantastic looking cocktail cabinet built from scratch. Top work!

Excellent artwork finish, thanks for the picture steve.

Another cabinet restored and will live many more years. Great finish. With over 1000+ games to play. Thanks Ryan.

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